If you started photography like I did with film, it truly changes instills in you the passion to get it right the first time and expected every time the camera is in your hands.

Today, with digital, I strongly believe that my ability to handle quality control during entire process from beginning to end by myself is also key to delivering the best quality products I can produce.

For most of the last two decades, my work primarily is focused on large events, student athletics, commercial assignments and motorsports events. 

My professional photography career has spanned over 45 years where I have covered events, commercial and advertising work, editorial content, corporate publications, automotive enthusiast magazines (The Roundel, The Ultimate Classic, Grassroots Motorsports) major newspapers (USA Today, the Kansas City Star/Times, Boston Globe, San Diego Chronicle) for the Associated Press. I am a frequent contributor to sports focused online publications (KSHSAA Covered) and High School Athletics social media (PrepsKC, Kansas PreGame, KSHSAA, Blue Valley Schools, Sports in Kansas, EST Sports)

DesignKC Magazine

Excellence in Architectural Photography Award Winner, 2023 (link)